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How Expensive Are Apartments In Severn MD?

Are you planning a move to Severn Maryland? You might be wondering how expensive are apartments in Severn MD and the surrounding area. Let’s explore the range of prices and what you will get for your money.

The lowest price apartments we found listed in the area are just outside of Severn. You can save a little money by looking in Fort Meade or Glen Burnie. It is not big savings, but if either community is near where you work, it is worth take a look.

The prices in those areas start at about $900. These are not stripped down apartments. They are nice facilities with fitness centers and nice community features. The apartments are up to date.

If you want to live within Severn city limits the prices go up just a touch. The lowest price we saw recently was $1050 for a one-bedroom apartment. It did not have as many amenities as the units in Glen Burnie and Fort Meade, but was very nice.

Many of you would love to have a swimming pool at your apartment complex, but it does come at a price. The lowest prices we found for apartments including a swimming pool were $1300 per month. That price does not just cover the addition of the pool, though. The same unit added a business center, in apartment washer and dryer, a clubhouse, garage and many other features some of the other lower priced apartments did not include.

Keep in mind, all of the prices we have discussed so far have been for 1 bedroom apartments. If you need more bedrooms the prices will be higher. As an example, the last apartment we mentioned with a swimming pool has options for 2 bedroom apartments, too. The prices of their 2 bedroom units range from $1600 to $1700. Their 3 bedroom apartments start at almost $1900.

If you need extra bedrooms and need to keep the price lower, you will need to head back towards Fort Meade again. You can find some 2 bedroom units starting around $900 in Fort Mead.

Interestingly, you can find 3 bedroom apartments in Severn MD staring at around $1300, so not a lot higher than some of the nicer 1 bedroom apartments. You may lose a few of the amenities you would love to have by adding the bedrooms and keeping the price down, but that may be a trade-off you could accept.

What do high-end apartments rent for in Severn? You can find some apartments that go over $3000 per month, but I suspect when you do the comparison you won’t be interested. The highest priced units offer nicer features in the apartments, but usually have less amenities for the facility. The $2000 to $2500 range is where you find the nicest apartments with larger floor plans, nicer appliances and great features.

You can find great apartments in Severn Maryland starting at around $1000 with prices ranging up to around $2200. By stepping just outside the city limits you can cut your prices slightly and sometimes get an added bedroom at the same time.

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